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Digital castle guide


When, as a visitor, you step inside Egeskov Castle, you’re not simply walking into a building that is home to a host of fascinating stories. You are actually stepping inside a home where a family has lived for several generations, and where each generation has made its individual mark on the surroundings, creating the castle as it looks today.

In the daytime, the castle is open to visitors and you are free to walk around and soak up its history. In the evening, however, the doors to the family’s private area are opened up and the castle residents make full use of their home again. This explains why you will see, as you move around the castle, how the rooms show clear evidence of functioning both as a home and as an exhibition. It is precisely this double role that makes the castle a living monument in a constant state of change.

The Ahlefeldt banner

A banner was traditionally a type of flag used by the cavalry. The banner of the Ahlefeldt clan files proudly above the Gate Wing.

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Prized possessions of the ladies of the castle

In the Gate Wing, next to the castle, you can see a magnificent exhibition that provides insight into the trends in fashion that delighted noble ladies in the period 1850–1900.