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Find your quiet space

One of the more recent trends in the area of camping is for more and more people to seek out the simpler, no-frills forms of camping of yesteryear – but with top-class equipment. There seems to be a growing desire to puncture humdrum everyday life in towns and cities by following an almost primordial instinct that can only find expression high up in the trees or deep in the thickest woods.

This is reflected in the exhibition through pronounced focus on outdoor life and living wild. For example, you can see a wilderness camp built by Lars Nyhuus Henriksen, the former winner of the Danish TV series Alene i vildmarken (Alone in the wild). Or you can take a look at a hammock tent from Tentsile – with the associated equipment – hanging high up beneath the ceiling.

If you are keen on outdoor life, but prefer the comfort of a camper, there is plenty of inspiration to be found here. For instance, you can check out our expedition trailers which not only feature brilliant design, but are also extremely practical for experiencing the great outdoors.

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