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Camping Outdoor Museum

Do you still think back fondly to those warm, wonderful evenings spent with friends and family around a softly crackling camp fire at the campsite, or the special sense of community that arises during holidays among caravans, tents and Camp-let trailers? If so, make sure to swing by the first and only Camping Outdoor Museum in Europe.

Here you will encounter a multifaceted exhibition that combines nostalgic stories from the early, primitive days of camping holidays when caravans first started appearing on campsites, with a look at more recent forms of outdoor holidays, where people are increasingly interested in pushing boundaries in their outdoor experiences, or seeking the comfort and luxury of a glamping tent.

When you step into the Camping Outdoor Museum, you will instantly sense the astute philosophy behind the concept. What we are looking to do is to create a family experience where we unite a presentation of the history of camping and outdoor life through a collection of unique items and personal narratives, with new trends and equipment intended to provide inspiration for future holidays.

Europe’s first Camping Museum

It took only a year from the time when the Danish Camping Union and Egeskov reached agreement on the development of Europe’s first Camping Outdoor Museum to the day it was completed and opened in May 2021. Drawing on an ambition to inspire and engage visitors, and to introduce them to the past, present and future of camping, a unique exhibition took shape.