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Camping Outdoor Museum

Egeskov and the Danish Camping Union (DCU) has opened the first Camping Outdoor Museum in Europe.

We are preparing for a new exhibition. In week 3 and 4 the museum is partially open as we make room for exciting news in the exhibition.

Are you looking forward to having a holiday, getting outdoors and enjoying life? Are you dreaming of wonderful days in the countryside with family and friends?

Take a close-up look at everything to do with camping and outdoor living

DCU’s new Camping Outdoor Museum which opened 1 May 2021, gives you the chance to enjoy a close-up look at everything that makes up Danish camping and outdoor life – and has done for decades. From the early days of camping in small, draughty cotton tents, through retro-idyll in caravans in the 1960s, to ultra-modern glamping and the history of outdoor life for adventurous souls today.

Danish Camping Union

Danish Camping Union, which runs the Camping Outdoor Museum at Egeskov, is the largest stakeholder organisation in Denmark for camping enthusiasts. Today, the union runs 20 campsites located all over Denmark and works to improve camping conditions for its 50,000 member families.