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Castle overview

Ground floor


The Hunting Room

The Hunting Room served as a work room for Count Gregers Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille. It is imbued with his great love of Africa and game hunting.
The room contains trophies brought back from British East Africa and the Congo – Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya of today.

The Yellow Room

The Louis XVI furniture in the Yellow Room were wedding gifts that Countess Jessy Bille Brahe received on her marriage in 1875.

First floor


The Banqueting Hall

Following its restoration in 1975, the Banqueting Hall is now in its original state.
The decorations are dominated by Karel van Manders’ portrait of Christian IV on horseback.

The Rigborg Room

At the end of the 16th century, Laurids Brockenhuus’ daughter, Rigborg, fell in love with the young Frederik Rosenkrantz. “They became so close that by accident she was due to deliver a son”.
As punishment, her father locked her in the Rigborg Room where she remained in isolation for five years.
Today the Rigborg Room houses the unique dolls’ house “Titania’s Palace” which Egeskov has received on loan from the LEGO Fund. Titania’s Palace was built by a father for his daughter who wanted a fine house for the small fairies she had seen in the garden. It took the father 15 years to complete the task.

The Victorian Room

Reconstructed in 1977 with furniture, paintings, photographs, knick-knacks, curtains and carpets from the family’s heritage.
The room reflects the period from the middle to the end of the 19th century, a period characterized by a “confusion of styles”.

The Music Room

The room contains a collection of elegant, old Chippendale furniture and an antique square piano.

The Tower Room

From the Rigborg Room, enter the Tower Room from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the castle grounds.
In the alcove to the right is a large patch-work quilt sewn by Countess Nonni Ahlefeldt.

The Admiral’s Room

The furniture is Dutch, the vases Japanese.
The cupboard contains a collection of old, family porcelain.


Interesting exhibitions can be found in the castle loft. Experience The Wooden Man, Housekeeping at Egeskov – then and now and the unique tox exhibition.