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Garden guide


Join Egeskov head gardener Peter Bonde Poulsen himself on garden walks when he shows around the garden via small videos. Here he comes with little anecdotes and facts about the gardens.
The Herbaceous Garden

The Herbaceous Garden contains 250 different strains, which provide a wonderful profusion of color from spring through to autumn.

The Dahlia Garden

There are 140 varieties planted in the garden, and you can see a wide range of varieties from Pompom and the cactus types to the large-flowered Giant Dahlia.

The Kitchen Garden

All the plants in the kitchen garden are produced in Egeskov’s own greenhouse, the only enterprise of the kind to be run by the landed gentry in Denmark.

The Renaissance Garden

The Renaissance Garden was laid out in 1962 by the renowned French landscape gardener Ferdinan Duprat. Perfect for pictures.

The Fuchsia Garden

Egeskov has a highly exclusive fuchsia collection, which can be put down to the simple fact that the residents of Egeskov were enchanted by this particular plant.

The Old Maze

Created from a clipped beech hedge, the old maze was originally created in the 19th century for the entertainment and amusement of the family.

The English Garden

The English Garden is characterized by its huge lawns and beautiful old trees. Pay attention to the enormous standard plane tree.

The Scent Garden

The Scent Garden is a tactile area where you are free to touch the plants in order to enjoy the full experience of their different aromatic qualities.

The Water Garden

The romantic Water Garden contains a profusion of acidophile plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, ferns, primulas, and hostas.

The Garden of Life

The new garden, The Garden of Life, symbolizes the passage of time, the rhythm of the year, and stimulates the senses.

The White Garden

The garden is designed in the form of a classic Renaissance garden with symmetrical flowerbeds, edged with low box hedging.

The Rose Garden

The rose beds are surrounded by an edging strip and low box hedge. The garden is planted with every type of rose available.