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Fashion exhibition

At the first floor of the Gate House next to the castle, we have found room for another one of Egeskov’s unique collections.

Two of Egeskov’s fashionable women, Baroness Camilla and her daughter, Countess Jessie, were considered contemporary style icons.

The Gate House exhibition shows a selection of their priceless fashion magazines, clothes and garments from the French fashion houses Worth, Gagalin and Sonaird, fans from Ernest Kees, shoes from J.A. Petit, and many other magnificent items.

Baroness Camilla purchased parts of a dress which once belonged to Marie-Antoinette, the “dress” may be found at the Gate House also. The dress was exhibited at Louvre in Paris in 1927 and being able to see parts of a Marie-Antoinette dress is something of a world-sensation.