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Garden awards

The park surrounding Egeskov is tended to and cared for in accordance with all the rules of fine gardening. Here you can experience the smell of the most fragrant flower beds, see impressive 12 km hedges, admire 1,200 different Fuchsia varieties, and much more. The castle garden is also home to one of the last manor nursery gardens in operation that is open for the public.

Of central importance is the high quality of the park and the many gardens at Egeskov. The impression made by the large number of tree-high hedges, which have been continuously maintaining for over 280 years, is absolutely overwhelming.

A large number of gardens make a visit to Egeskov into a veritable journey. This is an indicator of the successful further development of the historical garden. The conversation of garden culture is taken seriously yet is presented light-heartedly.

This is something the equal of which is hard to find in Europe and which Egeskov has developed consistently and enthusiastically.

Each of the gardens is a source of inspiration and source to some excellent gardening ideas. The gardens are under constant development and are tended all year round by Egeskov’s committed gardeners.

Treat yourself to a visit to one of Europe’s most beautiful historic gardens, which received different nominations and garden awards:

Condé Nast Traveler mentioned in 2016 Egeskov as one of the “50 Most Beautiful Places in Europe”.
CNN Travel mentioned in 2013 Egeskov garden as “One of 12 fabulous garden in the World”.
Since 2013 Egeskov has yearly received the “Travellers Choice” at TripAdvisor.
Egeskov wins The European Garden Award by the European Garden & Heritage Network named “Best European historic garden 2012”, for best Restoration, Enhancement and Development of a Historic Park or Garden.
Egeskov is awarded with two stars in the Michelin Travel Guide.
Egeskov has been described as “Denmark’s most beautiful garden” and was awarded (“Havens Dags Pris“).