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New in the museum

Step inside the Camping Outdoor Museum and immerse yourself in the wealth of new exhibits and narratives that form part of the 2023 exhibition. For example, the new layout gives you the chance to take a close look at the unique expedition trailer that has accompanied Bjørn Wils and his family through more than 20 countries in Europe. Read the exciting story of the family’s journeys and gain inspiring insight into how a modern family can spice up everyday life with eventful outdoor holidays.

Outdoor holidays and outdoor living are actually increasingly in demand today, and the new exhibition devotes additional focus to this area. In practice, this means that you can now take a look inside the completely new Columbus model from HeroCamper. This is the ideal camper for people who are keen to experience outdoor life and the delights of outdoor holidays – but prefer to have a camper as their base.

These new exhibits are, as ever, backed by the exhibition’s emphasis on the history of camping and outdoor life. You can still take a stroll down memory lane and admire the unique collection of several of the most iconic and eye-catching tents and caravans from generations past. From cotton tents, basic ridge tents, Trio-tents and Danish MKP and LM caravans, to modern air tents, glamping tents, hammock tents and bespoke caravans. In short, the exhibition lets you rekindle memories and provides inspiration for new odysseys in the great outdoors.

Camping Outdoor Museum