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Come along on a journey through time

The Camping Outdoor Museum gives you the chance to experience a different, multifaceted exhibition that leads you back through time via nostalgic narratives from tent- and campsites around the world. It contains all the equipment, tents and trailers that were regular features on campsites in years gone by. It will let you peep into the future, too, presenting the latest trends in caravans, tents and the nascent interest in outdoor life.

For example, you can see early versions of the basic ridge tent, as well as several of the first Danish-made Camp-let trailers and trailer tents from the 1960s and 1970s. You can read about the rapid expansion of camping life and its growing popularity, and see early examples of Danish-made caravans from LM and MKP. And, of course, you can admire Volkswagen’s iconic, generation-defining camper van, which is almost synonymous with the free-spirited, rule-bending 1970s.

The exhibition leads you into the story of how camping has developed from primitive conditions to the latest trailers, air tents and glamping tents where the emphasis is on comfort and smart solutions. At the same time, the exhibition encompasses the modern fascination with “roughing it” via the recent focus on more extreme forms of outdoor living. Read all about it in the section entitled “Find your quiet space”.

Camping Outdoor Museum