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The Yellow Room provides an excellent example of how several generations of the count’s family have put their own distinctive mark on the furnishing of the castle. This room contains the Louis XVI furniture arrangement that was Baroness Camille Jessie Bille-Brahe’s dowry on her wedding to Count Julius in 1875. The different items of furniture have been restored several times over the years. The gilding of the chairs is the work of Countess Nonni, and dates back to the time when she and her husband owned Egeskov. The current couple – Count Michael and Princess Alexandra – have reupholstered the furniture to give it a slightly more contemporary look.

It is not only the furniture that has been decorated with gold leaf. Take a look at the doors and the shutters, and you will see that they, too, were given a golden coating by Countess Nonni. Note how they help to create a truly impressive entrance to the room.

Through ongoing maintenance of furniture and buildings alike, the noble family has left its distinctive mark on Egeskov over the centuries, ensuring that it remains looking good for the coming generations.


Look to your right when you step into The Yellow Room, and you will see the Dutch “bureau in intarsia”, i.e. with an embedded pattern of wood. The bureau dates back to the late baroque period (1730–50) and contains 43 secret compartments – as far as the count and his family know.
Try taking a closer look at the numerous magnificent flower patterns that decorate the bureau.


By the wall stands a clock with a secret. The large clock body actually contains an organ that plays a tune every time the clock strikes the hour. It is possible to switch between twelve different tunes that the count has in his collection. However, the clock is not particularly tuneful anymore.


At various places in the room, you can see photographs from Countess Nonni’s collection. They include photos of the countess herself, good friends of the family, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Queen Ingrid the Queen Mother, as well as her good friend Rostropovich, the famous conductor and cellist.


Dive down into the history of the previous owners of Egeskov Castle. The timeline runs from as far back as the 1400s all the way to the current owners.