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The Victorian Room represents the style of furnishing that was common towards the end of the 1800s. Have a look at the room and sense the spirit of the industrial age, when homes were suddenly inundated with knick-knacks and decorative items. Objects that had previously been rare and even unique could suddenly be produced in huge numbers.

The Victorian Room serves as an exhibition of a time when money was plentiful, but the political situation was unstable. The room contains a variety of photos of the Ahlefeldt family, which has called Egeskov Castle home for nine generations.


The painting on the wall depicts Countess Jessie’s brother, who died at a young age. The frame is what is known as a “mourning frame”, where it is possible to close the shutters if memories should make the viewer too sad.


The antique piano in the corner has been at Egeskov for several generations.

Did you know? +

The numerous typically Victorian items – such as copies of famous paintings – include paintings of members of the Ahlefeldt family from both Egeskov Castle and Tranekær Castle.


From the door in the Rigborg Room, above the door leading from the Banqueting Hall, you can see a painting of Tranekær Castle on the island of Langeland. Tranekær has been in the hands of the Ahlefeldt family since the 1600s. There are therefore numerous links between Egeskov and Tranekær Castle – some still in existence today.