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The Admiral’s Room is used as a guest room today. It was renovated in 2021, when the walls were repainted in a colour that accentuates the classic furniture. You can clearly see how the count and his wife have made their own personal mark on the room – with full respect for the historical items it contains.

If you are wondering why mineral water has been put out and why there are bathrobes in some of the rooms, it is in case the count and his wife suddenly feel moved to invite guests to stay. They make a point of having everything ready for friends and family, and of taking good care of them when they come to visit.


The antique beds in the castle have been extended gradually over the years in order to accommodate today’s taller guests. However, the bed in the Admiral’s Room is said to have been specially built for King Christian X, who was an unusually tall man. It is not known whether he ever spent the night at Egeskov, though …


The clock under the glass case was a gift from the staff to the countess of Egeskov Castle at that time. The silver plate bears an engraving that translates as: “To her grace, Countess Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, 28 June 1875, from the serving staff at Egeskov.”


The chandelier features electric light bulbs today, but it originally bathed the room in candlelight.


At the entrance to the Admiral’s Room, you can still see the original frescoes that have decorated the walls for centuries.