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LUMINIS – Egeskov Light Castle Festival

11.02 time 00:00 - 20.02 time 00:00
Open 5.30 - 9.30 pm

DUE TO THE WEATHER LUMINIS IS CANCELED FREDAY 18 FEBRUARY. For changing your tickets, please send a mail til info@egeskov.dk with new date and the ordernummer of your tickets.

LUMINIS is a sensuous artistic lighting experience that takes place on a route to various gardens at Egeskov. This year you can experience it during the danish winter holidays, where the route is a 2 km long walk in the winter darkness. Along the way, you meet beautiful and different light and sound installations, from a large number of international artists.

The tour starts at the garden entrance and leads you via the moat towards the cafe garden, around the Dahlia garden and Fuchsia garden, and via the forest’s outer border to the Renaissance garden, past the English Garden and ending at the large classic car museum. Along the way, you see beautiful light pieces as well as an approx. 6 min. show on the facade of the castle.

LUMINIS is brought to life by students from the Royal Theatre’s Ballet School Odense, who perform in and around the various light works. The collaboration between Egeskov and the ballet school helps to provide experience for the students, who have been involved in the entire process from idea to choice of performance, music, and performing arts and to settlement in front of the audience.

Try a real ice skating rink
Are you skilled as a real skating princess or more “Bambi on ice”? Either way, it’s just fun to run on ice skates, especially in the dark with the most beautiful light. Ice rink: DKK 50 incl. skate rental.

LUMINIS is created in close collaboration with Dutchman Robert ten Caten from Lumen In Art, who creates the lighting event “Light Castle Festivals”, which takes place in castles throughout Europe. The works are created from a sustainable perspective. www.lumeninart.com

Lighting installations:

  • “Family Idea” by Ron Haselden
  • “Frozen garten” by the Danish Video Center (DVC) and Egeskov Event
  • Castle Cavas by Michael Ahlefeldt and DMC
  • Under Water Project – student project
  • Under water by DVC
  • Lightning Field by Bert Schoeren
  • Rhizome by Tom and Lien Dekyvere
  • Illusic Optica by Studio Sensito
  • Design show at the castle of DMC
  • The Rosegarden of Hertung and Trenz
  • [M]ondes of Atsara
  • Quantum Flowers by Francesco Mariotti
  • STAR by Jesper Bogaard
  • Infinty Reflection by Studio Sensito

With LUMINIS, Egeskov wants to offer a cultural event that gives our guests a beautiful and different community experience, which is supported by Egeskov’s history, architecture, and garden as a backdrop.


Location: Egeskov, Egeskov street 18, 5772 Kværndrup
Date: 11 – 20 February 2022 at 17.30 – 21.30
Price: Adult DKK 140. Children 4-12 years DKK 70.

It is recommended that you buy your ticket online as there is a limited number of tickets.

Food and drinks
Cafe Jomfru Rigborg offers food and drinks.
It is possible to buy good fast food and other hot drinks at the Labyrinth kiosk, where it can be enjoyed in lighted, outdoor dining environments.

The walk around lasts approx. 1½-2 hours (2 km)
Remember good footwear. The trip takes place on established paths in the garden, but there may be bumps and hilly terrain along the route. There are also areas where it can be dark despite the route being lit.