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Special exhibition: Drawings to Lights by Michael Ahlefeldt

01.04 time 00:00 - 28.04 time 00:00

Michael Ahlefeldt displays his latest works of light art in Gallery Ahlefeldt at Egeskov. The exhibition contains five illuminated works as well as eleven examples of his intricate line drawings, which provide the inspiration for his light art.

Michael is a practising artist who paints and creates freehand art with authentic artistic passion and dedication. In this series of line drawings, he explores the power of his subconscious. What appears at first glance to be a series of abstract compositions, gradually reveals joy, enthusiasm and dynamic scenes in which multiple figures emerge and invite the observer to come closer. Michael’s approach is shaped by how he views the world around him and allows all this positive energy to find expression on paper.

Michael’s natural curiosity about new techniques and his fascination with form and colour lead him to find a special way to bring his drawings to life and make them as energetic as the scenes they depict. Their transformation into ephemeral “tableaux” with intense colours enables us to step into the artist’s world and join him in his dance.


Michael Ahlefeldt (born in 1965) studied art at the Accademia Italiana in Florence and at the Fyn School of Painting and Drawing. He lives and works at Egeskov, and his works are on display in several galleries in Denmark.