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The Egeskov Race – Veteran Motorcycle Race

20.08 time 00:00 - 00:00

It will buzz with life when the Egeskov race takes place with start and end at Egeskov. Approximately 150 veteran motorcycles from before 1947 are gathered in the garden on this day when orienteering races are run in the landscape around the castle. Approx. at At 10.30 the race will start from Egeskov’s garden and the first participants are expected to return approx. from kl. 13.30. The garden’s guests can enjoy the sight of the fine machines when they drive to the finish line via the garden, where the old machines can be viewed by Egeskov’s guests.

For more than 50 years, the Egeskov Race has had its start and finish from Egeskov Castle, when the many veteran motorcycles traditionally meet to run races in the countryside on Funen. The race is organized by the Danish Veteran Motorcycle Club. It is a classic orienteering race over approx. 100 km. through the South Funen landscape, starting and ending at Egeskov. The average speed is around 30 km / h and the oldest motorcycles are from the 1910s.

The race is open to all motorcycles from before 1940 and you can register at www.dvm.dk.

Egeskov ticket sales and entrance garden opens at 9. Please note that exhibitions only open at normal time at 10.00. Labyrinth kiosk open at 9.30