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Throughout the year, the gardeners have a large number of tasks to perform in the park and gardens. The following is a small selection of those activities.

Pruning of bushes and trees.
Removal of suckers from all trees.
Felling of large trees.
Clipping and trimming hedges.
Pruning and thinning out of fruit bushes.

Continued pruning, trimming of hedges etc.
Start new planting, if weather permits.

Recondition lawns, removing fallen branches and leaves.
Planting of new hedges and bushes.
Paths and tracks topped up with gravel and sprayed for weeds.
Cleaning and clipping of mazes.

New planting.
Lawns reseeded after the first cut of the year. Lawn edges cut.
Planting out of spring flowers Viola and Myosotis.
Roses pruned.
Kitchen garden, flower beds and lawns manured.
Gardens opened to public.

Cleaning up of flower beds.
Spring bulbs and flowers lifted.
Summer flowers planted out around 20th.
In the kitchen garden, planting out of hardy plants.
Planting up in the fuchsia garden.
Tub plants put out.

Lawnmowing, lawn edges cut.
Cleaning up of flower beds.
Planting out of dahlias.
Planting up of scent and herb garden.
Final planting of kitchen garden.
Hedge-clipping starting with lime avenue around 15th.

Lawnmowing, lawn edges cut.
Cleaning of flower beds.
Staking of roses and dahlias.
Roses deadheaded.
Watering according to need.
Box topiary and low hedges clipped.

Same as July.
Yew hedge clipped.

Same as August.
Perennials divided.
Harvesting of vegetables from kitchen garden.

Gardens closed to the public.
Fuchsias lifted, potted and put in the greenhouse.
Tubs moved to greenhouse.
Flower beds tidied up and prepared for bulb planting.
Planting of new hedges, roses and bushes.

Lawns given final cut of the year.
Lawns and paths cleared of fallen leaves.
Herbaceous border cut down and mulched with compost and winter cover.
All beds mulched with compost following final clean up.
New planting.

Same as January.