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12.02 time 00:00 - 27.02 time 00:00
open 10 am - 4 pm

Ice rink, playground & exhibitions

During the winter holidays you can try a real ice rink at Egeskov. Are you a as skilled as a real skating priness or are you more like Bambi on ice? No matter which one its still so much fun to ice skate.

The children can easily make the hours go by on the large playground. Try for example the 11-meter high climbing net or The Great Maze.

In the exhibitions you can explore and find your favorite car, plane or among all of the others things. In the Camping Outdoor Museum you can find good ideas for the summer excursions and in the Falck Museum you can get up close and see fire trucks and a lot of other rescue equipment.

Ice rink DKK 50,- incl. skates