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Guided Tour of the castle

11.09 time 00:00 - 00:00
1 pm

Get a guided tour at Egeskov Castle with Guideservice Denmark
Price: DKK 50 pr. person (the prices does not cover the entrance to Egeskov)

Egeskov castle was built to protect the family in times of unrest such as during “the Feud of the Counts” and during the Reformation.

From the outside we can see many defence mechanisms that are built into the walls and inside the castle we can see even more.

You will learn about the barrier mechanisms, the crooked stairs, and how the residents could survive and succesfully resist a long siege as well as show you numerous more details which we can see on the outside as well as inside the castle.

On a guided tour of Egeskov you will hear all the good stories of past and present. Find out whether the castle is haunted or not and find out why there is a figure with magic powers in the attic.

You can round off your visit with a guided tour of the grounds and garden or of the many fascinating exhibitions and museums. Each takes about an hour.