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COVID-19 Information

Negative coronavirus test/coronavirus passport

One of the new rules in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is that everyone aged 15 or older who wishes to visit Egeskov must present a negative COVID-19 test or a valid coronavirus passport.

The negative test must be no more than 72 hours old when you arrive at Egeskov. The coronavirus passport or negative test may be presented in hard copy or digital format. Your name, test time and test result must all be clearly visible.

In addition, you must present a travel insurance card, passport, driving licence or other publicly issued ID card that matches the name on the test.

Max 100 people may assemble outdoors
Max 50 people may assemble indoors

As of 21 May, the Danish Government and Parliament have agreed to increase the maximum number of people who may gather together outdoors to ten. It is therefore permitted for groups of up to 100 people to assemble in the same place in the gardens.  However, we recommend that you continue to maintain a safe distance from other visitors.

There is plenty of space at Egeskov. That said, queues and bottlenecks may occur – particularly at the castle and for Tree Top Walking, where access is limited and people often have to wait. If you can see that a long queue has formed, we encourage you to come back later.

We also recommend that you purchase your tickets online and print them out BEFORE you arrive as this will help us to minimise queuing times. During holiday periods, you need to buy your ticket(s) for a specific day, and only a limited number of tickets to the castle are available.

Use of face masks/shields at Egeskov is no longer a requirement. 

Face masks are on sale for DKK 5 at the entrance booth, in kiosks and eateries.

We comply with the guidelines and recommendations from the authorities with regard to the park, the playground, the exhibitions and the eateries. Please read the instructions in the park and at the exhibitions, and help us to take care of the other visitors and our staff.

We need our visitors’ help

We kindly ask all visitors to make sure to maintain a safe distance, wash their hands, use hand sanitiser and follow the instructions in the park. It can be difficult to keep an eye on the signs and hand sanitiser dispensers when you are having fun with friends and family, but we ask all our visitors to pay particular attention in the park.

We are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of infection, but at the end of the day we are dependent on our visitors to help maintain a safe distance – which the vast majority do.

For the present, we will always react to the latest guidelines and recommendations, and we will update our initiatives and information on an ongoing basis as the situation develops.

Please email any questions to info@egeskov.dk

We would also refer you to the official guidelines published online in English at en.coronasmitte.dk and sst.dk/en/English