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COVID-19 Information

Egeskov is closed from December 19th – January 17th.

The Danish government has decided to close museums in Denmark because of COVID-19. 

Negative coronavirus test/coronavirus passport

Guests over the age of 15 must bring a valid Coronapas and ID when visiting Egeskov.

Buy tickets for Egeskov Christmas Fair online

We recommend that you buy tickets online and print them out BEFORE the visit. That way we can minimize any queuing time. For Egeskov Christmas Market, there will be intervals with arrival times. It is important that you arrive within the specified time of arrival, after which you must be in the park until kl. 16.30. Applicable intervals: at 10 – 12, kl. 12 -14 and at 14 – 16.30


Use of face masks/shields at Egeskov is no longer a requirement.


We need our visitors’ help

We kindly ask all visitors to make sure to maintain a safe distance, wash their hands, use hand sanitiser and follow the instructions in the park. It can be difficult to keep an eye on the signs and hand sanitiser dispensers when you are having fun with friends and family, but we ask all our visitors to pay particular attention in the park.

We are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of infection, but at the end of the day we are dependent on our visitors to help maintain a safe distance – which the vast majority do.

For the present, we will always react to the latest guidelines and recommendations, and we will update our initiatives and information on an ongoing basis as the situation develops.

Please email any questions to info@egeskov.dk

We would also refer you to the official guidelines published online in English at en.coronasmitte.dk and sst.dk/en/English